Six Months of Video Mentorship


Six months ago, I made a step towards growing a skill in content creation. I feel like a decent writer and a solid photographer, but I never made a video. With the increased popularity in videos and the demand to create exciting, passionate travel content, I jumped into video creation head first.

And I had no clue what the hell I was doing. (Spoiler alert: I still don’t).

The Decision

In June 2017, I began a mentorship program with a Philadelphia based videographer. Specifically, this was a video editing mentorship, not directing, not creation, just working with edits to make your content better. After following Jared Polin at Fro Knows Photo for several years, I knew he partnered with Todd Wolfe at Cheesesteak Media for much of his video courses. Jared has always been pretty solid for me, so I gave the video editing course a shot. Before I knew it, I was making videos and sending them in for critiques.

Why Video Editing?

Understanding editing helped me learn photography. When I knew what I could do with the tools available, I learned composition more quickly and felt more confident in my photos when I returned home from trips. It’s disheartening to take thousands of photos and think none of them are good. Knowing how to take an “okay” photo and turn it into something amazing and something people pay money for encouraged me to take photos in the moment.

The same is true (for me) for video. By knowing the types of editing techniques and how I can easily enhance my video with edits, cuts, and music, I felt more confident shooting video while traveling and bringing it to life at home. 

Six months later…

I’m proud to say I am creating at least one video per month. I’ve grown tremendously since I started and I keep all the notes from Todd to make sure I keep working towards a better understanding. I’m still working on ensuring I film what I want and I “begin with the end in mind.”

I love making videos. I hope to do it much more and grow my audience. If you’d like to support me, and you definitely should, pop over to my YouTube channel and subscribe. Share with your friends and family. Most importantly, let me know what types of videos YOU want to see!

Happy Travels!